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Water Detection Sensor

It is innevitable for diesel engines to detect water and to drain them. Riko’s Water Detection Sensors work perfectly well within the fuel filters of not only diesel engines of various type of Transportation vehicles, Industrial machines, but also gasoline engines of large vessels and motor boats which are always exposed to water.

Water Detection Sensor



  • Water detection sensors for Fuel Filters
  • Water level sensors for Radiators

Automatic Bending Machines

  • Water level sensors

Home Appliances

  • Water level sensors
  • Over flow detection sensors

Air Conditioning Machines

  • Water level sensors for draining

Product Samples

  • Water detection sensors
    for large engines

    large engines

    • Diesel Trucks
    • Buses
    • Shovels
    • Trains   etc.
  • Water detection sensors
    for ships


    • Cruisers
    • Outboard Motors
    • Marine Jets   etc.
  • Oil sensors for
    Agricultural machines

    Agricultural machines

    • Farm Tructors
    • Rice Planting Machines   etc.

Detection Sensor Note:
OEM or Customized Products Only, but NO Standard Products.

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