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A strong sense of responsibility and
proven technologies

Since our start in 1965, we have contributed to a variety of technical innovations. Thanks to the floats and float technology we have incorporated into our level switches and sensors, RIKO Float Technology co.,ltd. products have earned the trust of customers around the world. We take pride in the part we have played in the development of society through our industry segment.
Our advanced material and applied technologies — coupled with our innovative approach to fusing electronics — are built into the OEM, standardized and customized products we make. In short, we are committed to contributing to the growth of industry and driving social development. We believe that the RIKO Float Technology co.,ltd. imbued in our products will continue to meet the needs of future generations.

Basic information

Company name RIKO Float Technology CO.,LTD.
Incorporated May 7, 1965
Capital JP¥60 million
Chairman Takuji Umezu
President Takashi Ogata
Operating Officers Shogo Itano
Junichi Kitano
Yoshinori Sakamoto
Yukio Ueda
Masayoshi Yanagihara
Banks The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd., Momoyamadai branch
Kansai Mirai Bank, Ltd., Miyakojima branch
Employees 150 (Apr. 2021)
Business office
& plant

No.2-52, Higashi, 2-chome,
Nakanocho Tondabayashi,
Osaka 584-0022, Japan

RIKO Float Technology co.,ltd.

Telephone International + 81-721-26-0511
Facsimile International + 81-721-25-8210
E-Mail riko@riko.co.jp
Website https://www.riko.co.jp/