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Superb preciseness of Specific Gravity is achieved
with Independently ClosedCell Foam Structure.


Originally Experienced Know-Hows and
many tests in the production
process have RF-2 Floats kept High Quality.

The main raw materials are NBR(Synthetic Rubber) and Phenolic Resin.
The recipe includes some other materials such as Curing Agent, Blowing agent and other chemicals.
These are developed by our long experience and efforts.

Unsinkable, less deterioration, stable specific gravity,
6 features of RF-2 Float

Resistance to Heat

“Under certain conditions, Temperature resistance is upto 180°C.”

Resistance to
Oils and Fuels

Weight change with soaking tests in Gasoline, Benzene,
Alcohol and Toluene is below 0.5%.
( In-House Test Results )

Mechanical Strength RF-2 Floats are ebonite and strong enough for
after-works for Metal or Magnet Incerts.
Resistance to
Low Temperature
Stable upto -50°C with JISK6301 Fuel.
(Gasoline and Lubricant Oil )
Pressure Resistance Float, with S.G.0.3 kg /cm2, withstands with almost no
absorption of water under 2~3MPa.
Almost No Dimension
Very limited variation in dimenions and excellent quality.
Easy control by Cp, Cpk.

Comparison with other material floats

Conditions RF-2 Float Stainless Steel Plastic Blown Plastic Foam Cork
Cut and break × ×
Temperature Resist. × ×
Resist. To Fuel, Oils × ×
Shock Resist. × ×
Metal Incert
Magnet Incert ×
Water Pressure Resist. × × ×
Price Range ×

*This is the general features only.
A specific float must be refered to our engineers.

Quality Control

Water Pressure Test

Water pressure resistance is shown on the chart. 0.5 – 3Mpa for 10 – 30 minutes.

Saoking Test in Fuel

Check the weights and Dim ensions before and after soaking in Oil and / or Fuel
Bath.Mechanical hardness can be measured, too.
The heavier the S.G., more excellent resistance for Oils and Fuels.

Complicated shapes can be formed.

Magnet can be incerted like this.

Magnet can be incerted like this.

Gentle curve can be formed like this.

Gentle curve can be formed like this.


Guide to RF-2 FLOAT

Guide to Float

Generally speaking, Stable buoyancy, Specific Gravity, Resistance to Heat, and ...

Basics of Float

RF-2 Floats are easy for after-works, and supplied to various kinds of industries.

Rf-2 Float Custom Order

Complicated shapes can be formed.