RIKO Float Technology CO.,LTD.

RFS off-the-shelf type / Float level switch RFS-16

  • off-the-shelf type
  • Metal housing
  • Vertical threaded
  • Heat resistant housing
  • Light specific gravity type
  • For Water
  • For Oil
  • For Chemical

Vertical through-hole, Resistant to oil, up to 200 deg. Φ40

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Model   RFS-16
Material Stem SUS316
Float SUS316L
Stopper SUS316
Nat SUS316
Specs. Temperature Range(Atm.Pressure) -40℃〜+200℃
Pressure Resistance(Room Temp.) 1MPa
Float Specific Gravity 0.55±0.05
Electric Specs. Max.Contact Capacity 50W DC/AC
Max.Voltage 300V DC/AC
Max.Current 0.5A DC/AC